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Our Vision : Committed to the development of Clean Energies for a Sustainable Development

In 2016, I went to India in order to understand more about this emerging superpower.

During this travel, I have been completely astonished by the living conditions of the biggest part of the Indian People and the very long list of diseases still existing at the XXIth century in this fabulous country. We have to remember that they just had their independance the 15th of August 1947, thus very recently. The way they have managed to fill in the gap is really impressive.

As initially, an Environmental Engineer I have tried to understand why so much people live in such conditions and came to the conclusion that Renewable Energies Access is their best alternative to obtain clean water ; and water is life.

When I came back to France, only one question was haunting me: “How can I help the little children that I have seen living in such dreadful conditions ?”. The Ingélib Company is the direct answer to this question. I have created this independant company as I want to create a European Engineering Team specialized within Renewable Engineering.

My final objective is to contribute to a better future for the Poor Children that I have seen living in misery like if Human Rights were a shooting star.

With our Engineering Team, Ingélib will be able to help European Operators & Contractors in their Renewable Industrial Projects but also to offer a high level of Consulting Services to the Governments looking forward for expertise into Renewable Energies like India is.

If you share my wish to contribute to a better future by offering your smart services to the development of Renewable Energies as a key for Clean Water for all, you are warmly welcomed in our regular meetups : https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Ingelib/.

Ingélib, The Leading Project Engineering Management Services Company dedicated to Renewable Energies.



Xavier Retailliau, Founder & CEO


Our Mission : Project Engineering Management Services devoted to New Energies


Ingélib wants to become the Leading Project Engineering Management Services Company devoted to New Energies.

Committed to a better world for the future of our children, we support our customers in the realization of their Industrial Projects by offering them project engineering & management solutions.



Our Solutions & Services


  • Technical Partners Solutions– Trusted Expertise dedicated to New Energies
  • Project Engineering Management Solutions – From Conceptual studies up to procurement services.
  • Global Mobility Services, A complete suite of Carings:  from Tax & payroll, up to meet & greek
  • Executive Search Services– International Recruitment Campaigns from single search.