Age of Discovery


Have you said Ingélib ?


Ingélib wants to become the Leading Project Engineering Management Services Company devoted to New Energies.

Committed to a better world for the future of our children, we support our customers in the realization of their Industrial Project by New Energies Integration within their Engineering model. As a direct impact, New Energies could become a costless source of power .

Our team is made up of Engineers, Project Managers & Experts who wants to work with our clients in the multiple phases of the industrial project’s life cycle.

We accompany our clients from Research Industrialisation, Pilot & Scale-Up, Pre-project & estimation, The full engineering phase (Feed, Basic, Detail), safety, cost-control, supervision, contruction and start-up.


The Founders

Xavier Retailliau, Founder & CEO

After a professional experience within Environmental Engineering dedicated to Industrial Waste Valorization, Xavier had the chance to continue his career in the federation of Engineering Teams with major international engineering consultancy firms. Specialist in the areas of Energy Production from Conventional up to renewable Energies. Xavier has contributed for 12 years to large international industrial projects by offering his expertise in project engineering services. Following an Executive MBA @ ESCP Europe and a trip to India, Xavier decided to create Ingélib, the leading project engineering services Company dedicated to Renewable Energies. The vision of the company is to contribute to a better future for our Children by encouraging European Engineers to work into the Renewable Energy & Environmental Markets.

Bertrand Retailliau, Co-Founder

Stemming from the C-N-E-T, national laboratory of telecommunications (Delegation in Optical Communications), Bertrand Retailliau has a route targeted at networks and cooperation of resources. In charge of the innovative projects of applications, He participated within the C.N.E.T-(DCO), in the plan of deployment of networks with optical fibers then spread out to create and absorb several companies centered on the multimedia networks.
After the sale of his Group, Bertrand Retailliau set up an experimental network of telemedicine in South Africa to enhance Medecine for all and provide access to medecine even in isolated lands.