Our Solutions: Engineering

Have you said Earth Systems Engineering ?

The term Engineering is derived from the « Latin » ingenium, meaning « cleverness » and ingeniare, meaning « to contrive, devise ».

At Ingelib we strongly believe in Renewable Energies and their related engineering systems to become the key for a sustainable industrial development. We want to contribute to a better future for our children.

Nowadays, the humanity is growing fast and we do have more and more people on this lovely planet. As a direct impact we have to do things differently and to adapt our usual behaviors by implementing & developping new clean technologies. At the moment we are just at the beginning of the business curve.

Our Engineering organisation is devoted to our clients’ willingness. However our ethic and values will never be compromised. We will offer to our clients the best of our experts’ « cleverness » according to our Code.

Ingélib specialise in New Energies Engineering discipline from conceptual studies up to the establishment of our client’s production units. We also believe that the ‘ »Digital Era » has a direct impact on Engineering thus our teams are strongly supported by Digital Experts. This Digital Engineering service will improve time & delivery acceptance to spouse the Renewable Energies projects’ requirements.

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Design Process
  • Civil Engineering
  • Earth Systems Engineering
  • Digital Engineering